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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 5, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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hawaii! prices jump 17 cents overnight. the california gas is now more exnsive than hawaii. prices are jumping $0.17 overnight. the emergency that the government is considering to ease the pain at the pump. brace yourselves for gridlock this weekend. how some people are making money off of all the extra cars. a new way to get travel deals and it's different than anything that's been done before. good evening i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook, dana has the night off. california gas prices have never been higher. now we're paying an average of $4.49 per gallon. overnight the price spiked $0.17. now the government may take action. cbs5 reporter sharon chin explains how a simple switch could ease the pain at the pump, sharon? >> reporter: well liz here at this gas station as you can see here, they are high.
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more than $5 in other locations. it's no mistake, $5.39 a gallon for regular are unleaded at this cupertino station. >> i think it's robbery. >> reporter: californians are paying the highest gas prices in the u.s. an average of $4.49 per gallon a regular. $0.11 higher in san francisco. nowhere near the national average of $3.want. it cost casey nearly $100 to fill up his truck and he has 14 in his company fleet. >> it is tough and, you know it is shocking to see it go up so much while other states are not quite nearly as much. >> reporter: gas soared $0.66 in four days at this north hollywood station and their owner is paying $20,000 more to refill his 8,000 gallon tank. >> it's killing everybody. i mean it's going to kill the business. >> reporter: some stations around the state ran out of gas and shut down. the prspikes caused by the richmond refinery in august and maintenance at the refineries
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here. exxon mobile said that a power failure is back online. the california energy commission says they are monitoring the supply. >> there is ample supply of gasoline to meet consumer demand. >> reporter: the state uses a special summer blend of fuel. it reduces smog conditions in the summertime. most of it is refined in california. some relief could come if they approve switching to the less expensive winter blend fuel earlier than october 31. to some drivers it doesn't matter. >> now, we should pay high gas prices, which, of course, shows better forms of energy. >> reporter: now, some tips to save on gasoline. they recommend are keeping your tires inflated. go easy on the gas and brake pedals. they will use more gas. drive the speed limit going slower to concern fuel and lighten the load. a lighter view uses less gas. for the cheapest gas in your
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neighborhood, go to our website. live in emeryville, sharon chin, cbs5. all right, you've got plans to come into san francisco this weekend? good luck. you will not be alone. a million extra people are expected to flood the city as well and their cars. this is a live look. lit up for the giants. it is peaceful right now, sure, but it will be a different story tomorrow with a bunch of events going on. you've heard about this. earlier today, the gridlock and as you have been expecting the same this weekend. some people are calling it the world series of transportation. the city has activated their emergency operation center, the best way to get in and out of the city, don't drive, take public transportation. here's what's on tap just tomorrow. you've got fleet week, america's cup, the giants are playing. all along the water front. add to that the hardly strictly bluegrass festival in the park.
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plus cal and stanford are playing and two big concerts on either side of the bay. some people are cashing in on all that extra traffic. all you need is a driveway. >> there are times i thought boy, i should rent out my driveway. but the whole mechanic of the thing, exchanging money, all that, it was too much to deal with. >> you know, local neighbors are listing their empty parking space or in some case, they are even moving their cars to sort of capitalize on all the extra traffic. >> parking spots could cost anywhere from $15 to $90. what is the weather going to be like this weekend? here is meteorologist paul with a look. >> and the cool down will
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continue. look at these numbers behind me. 9 be -- 93. concord at 72. all of that because of an on shore flow that is stronger. look at all the cloud cover that piled in today. only partly sunny skies. and that will continue for your weekend. low pressure was to our south to start the week, which gave us off temperatures today. it is now just off to our west, giving us the on shore flow and the partly sunny skies we had today. and it will be the same type of skies you have over the weekend. rain is in the forecast, we'll let you know when in a few minutes. >> all right, sounds good. you can find a complete schedule on our website, you can also find up-to-the- minute traffic condition. it might be taking you a little longer to get you the new iphone than you had planned. thousands of workers in china are on strike this week. they are protesting working
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conditions on the iphone 5's production line. a labor group says that the new quality controls that apple prosubstance abused, they are -- apple introduced are just too demanding. they also forced employees to work over holidays. the work stoppage has reportedly paralyzed the production lines. for the first time in almost four years, the unemployment rate has fallen below 8%. that's the lowest it has been since president obama took office. surprisingly strong, showing that unemployment fell to 7.l% in september -- 7.8% in september. cbs5 reporter, linda eye yee tells us what is behind those numbers -- linda yee tells us what is behind those numbers. >> reporter: he now has 160
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employees. >> i think the economy is really picking up. >> reporter: ryan brauton is one of those new workers. he left his job in construction and decided to become a machinist. >> i chose manufacturing for a reason that it does not seem to be affected by the economy. >> reporter: he tripled his research and development budget during the recession. it has paid off. anderson is building this new plant. >> that's the reason why we're moving. we do have plans to continue hiring. >> reporter: nationally the economy has added an average of 145,000 jobs over the past three months. unemployment has not been this low since january of 2009. >> yes, we are finally below that 8% level, but it is still indicative of a slow go environment. >> reporter: much of the drop in the unemployment rate is attributed to the growth of part-time jobs. >> i didn't even get responses to my resume. >> reporter: 56-year-old amy crawford was forced to take a minimum wage job in a
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restaurant when she could not find full-time work as a home designer. >> it forces two in the bush. i'm not confident in the economy. >> reporter: well as you might expect, president obama and mitt romney saw today's job numbers much differently. >> today's news should give us some encouragement. it shouldn't be an excuse for the other side to try to talk down the economy to score a few political points. >> so it looks like unemployment is getting better, but the truth is if the same share of people were participating in the work force, the day that the president got elected while the unemployment rate would be around 11%. and that's the real reality of what's happening on out there. >> 40% of the unemployed have been out of work six months or more. that number did not drop last month. economists say we need to add 200,000 jobs or more every month to make a dent in the
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unemployment rate. linda yee, cbs5. in one bay area county, why some cities are being forced to import other people's garbage. a california man dies from a disease we almost never see here in america. how a sick bat triggered an international health scare. a new tool to find the cheapest airline tickets. how strangers are competing against each other to find you the best deal. ,,
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. well get trashed well when it comes to local cities and counties, voting on what to do with their garbage, that vote may very well get trashed. cbs5 allen martin reports that the state has now made it illegal for san francisco to keep exporting their garbage into neighboring cities. they cannot do anything about it. >> reporter: one man's trash may be another man's treasure. but to most people, it is still just trash. and most people don't want someone else's trash, unless maybe you need a place to put
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it like the big landfill. and some places are not suited for landfill. some places are not suited for the other industries. you'll get little argument that san francisco is not suited for a landfill. for generations, san francisco's trash was used to go to various garbage dumps. but there is one in particular that sits high on the hillside and it has become a bay area garbage battleground. >> and that torched the will of the voters. >> reporter: the supervisor says that in 1984, local voters passed a measure that could be limited. >> the determination about what is in the best interest of our county, they are best left to the county. >> reporter: but now they are trumped by a new state law. besides lobbying by the environmentist groups. >> i spent two and a half weeks trying to walk on every legislative door. >> reporter: but governor brown, he signs san francisco assembly legislation that prohibits the local voters from
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restricting the importation of trash into a privately owned landfill. >> for me it is a huge disappointment to see the governor sign that there. >> reporter: and they feel like the other state is clearly telling them that the will of the people doesn't count. >> when the voters make a decision, about what is best in their community, i mean i think that we have as local government have a responsibility to do everything that we can to implement that in the best possible way. >> reporter: even though it was a local solano measure that assigned the law, but they say that the issue will go way beyond the county line if it was not passed. and the risk of every county and city almost across the state is having to manage their own garbage could become a reality, which would drive up cost, which would drive up prices to consumers. in some places where there is not a good place for landfill, you will be forcing an environmentally sensitive area to accept garbage, and maybe it
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was not really meant to be. he says even with the importation of trash, that the landfill has at least 50 years left before it reaches capacity. in the meantime the attorney is considering a legal challenge to the new law saying it may violate commerce law. allen martin, cbs5. a bay area man has died from a disease we have not seen around here for years. rabies. he passed away in switzerland and may have traveled to eight different countries while infected. cbs5 reports how it all traces back to a sick bat in the east bay. for the first time in nearly to years -- 20 years, someone has died after contracting rabies. health officials say in martha an unnamed -- in march that an unnamed 34-year-old man came across an infected bat. >> a bat was flapping on the ground and acting weird.
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another individual picked up the bat with a plastic bag. >> reporter: it would turn out to be a fatal mistake. the man who died put his hand in the bag and was likely bitten. >> so you should never ever touch a bat. >> reporter: these videos posted on youtube by a rabies awareness group caution that bats are the most common carriers of rabies. any bat that is on the ground and allows a human to approach likely has the disease. >> do not touch that bat and call our animal services. >> reporter: there is a one out of ten chance just about any bat has rabies. if you are bitten. >> seek medical attention immediately. >> reporter: and report the bite. for the man who contracted the disease, it was too late. he traveled internationally over the past few months before dying in switzerland on july 31, triggering an international health scare. >> it is possible, but usually it does not happen. but because when symptoms begin, rabies is almost always fatal. we wanted to be very diligent.
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>> reporter: so the centers for disease control launched an exhausting investigation into the nine countries he has visited, identifying 59 people who came in contact with them. they have been treated as a precaution, a tragic and sobering reminder of a rare killer. in martinez, cbs5. here is a new explanation from american airlines for those loose seats that we have all heard about, gunk from soda, coffee, and other snacks. something called the seat lock plunger mechanism can get gunked overtime with passengers spilling stuff, which causes the seat rows to become unhinged. earlier they blamed the problem on improperly installed clamps. stay tuned. finding cheap flights can take more than just a random search on the internet. you need insider information and there is a new way to get travel deals. cbs5 reporter shows us that it is different than anything that has been done before.
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you can even make money off of it. >> reporter: international travel booking is a huge complicated system. if you don't know what you are doing, then it could devour your travel budget. >> it's a very conflicting problem for you in the industry and having to test it with your tools and stuff like that to make a difference. >> reporter: a small start up with just five people are working out of an apartment. and the preferences and the special inspections, whatever fee you're willing to pay in the last 1,100 verified experience in the world travel expert to compete in finding the best deal. the co-founder hires all the experts to make sure that there is good bargain hunter. >> otherwise you can spend hours online, which is fine if you want to put that timing here. but why not just outsource it to someone that might have that information. for example, a company launched that there to find it from chili to tokyo and they would pay $want to the winner. the best that they could do
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themselves is $2,100, likely using sites like travelocity and orbitz. they got it down to $1,000. >> so it is $79. >> that's a pretty good deal. >> yeah, i would do that. >> they are best suited for international fliers with complex itineraries and flexible dates. they make their money by taking a percentage of the finder's fee. since their launch in february, they have helped 5,000 people save a lot of time and money. everything to do with travel. and some of them could definitely do one part of it very well, but we think that we need a human to put it all together to get the best results. >> reporter: that's the irony, travel booking is now such a high-tech mess that the best machine for the job is a human. in mountain view, cb -- cbs5. rain is in the forecast, but when? i'll give you the answer coming
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well it is only october 5, but it looks like winter in colorado. take a look at this. the denver area got its first snow this season today. they didn't seem to mind. they were like finally it's here. >> finally. we might see some precipitation in our own backyard.
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>> exactly. our little taste of late fall, early winter will be some cooler temperatures and yes, some rainfall in our forecast. we have high-definition doppler taking a peek at the skies. spending 24 hours today and it will likely pick up some showers for you late sunday night into monday morning. stay tuned for that. waking up early tomorrow, so much to do. they had the day off at 53. livermore 54. san jose 5 -- 5 4. what is changing? well low pressure is off to our west, giving us the on shore flow. partly sunny weekend. not a bad weekend to get outside, but it will not be warm or completely sunny. once low pressure sits right over top of us, which will happen on monday and last about three to four days, that's when we'll have the shower chance. so it had stay away for your weekend -- so it will stay away for your weekend. the weekend will be dry. we can't say the same about monday or tuesday or wednesday, even a slight chance of a thunderstorm. so now wetter weather will be coming up next week.
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for your saturday, oakland, four degrees below average. 68. concordat 75 and san jose at 72 degrees. cupertino at 72. morgan hill by anderson lake, 75 degrees. fremont, 69 degrees. mid-70s. just a little cooler than normal. pittsburgh at 72. san rafael is p it and 65 for your high -- is 72 and 65 for your highs. now continue your cool weather with partly sunny skies. and don't let it scare you as we do have a chance for a few showers on monday, tuesday, wednesday, scattered showers before you need to clear things out for showers back on friday. that will be your time here. >> yes. and now could it get any worse for the texas rangers? >> oh yeah. even the a's and the giants post-season business. there was action today, right in the world of what happened
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here in atlanta. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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reds/giants nlds series... ...features a battle managers to take all right, i don't mean to build too much drama, but this
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red giant series, showing you the battle of the last two managers, taking the giants to the world series. for one of them, it's a homecoming. >> we'll see if they still love me on sunday, hopefully, and it will start out with the big fee. nothing better than, you know, me trying to figure out how to kick your butt and you kick mine. >> right. the a's manager, they announced that the rookie, they will start game two against the tigers. you will follow them with a rotation that the two will combine for a 26-18 record this season. parker had be the first oakland -- will be the first oakhand a's rookie pitcher to start the first game of the post-season series. that's 3:00 tomorrow. and in the wild card, braves are threatening down 6- 3, 8th inning. there it goes.
11:30 pm
you'll see him going the yardage, and then this is the back breaker right here. i set it up for you before, i got it, i got it, i got it. uh-oh, what happened? the batter is out, fans don't like it. braves lose the game and they are out. okay, do you think that he is feeling it? the rangers are an absolute free fall. hosting the orioles. the 9th inning, the 19-year- old, yeah, he is 19, an rbi single as they win this one, 5- 1. they lost the division and get bounced in just five days.
11:31 pm
speaking of five, roll them. they get the had-1 -- the 4-1 for the year. excuse me, carl ripken? everybody knows it is cal, baseball legend. at the shriner's hospital open. this one for big feathers. yeah, an eagle 2. number two. molina robbed by jason hayward. sweet catch, but the braves did lose. number one, michael phelps is throwing himself into golf, how about this from 150 feet away. yes, sir. right in the bottom of the cup. >> wow. that's unbelievable. >> i wonder how long it would take him to actually swim that distance. >> you know what will be great tomorrow? all this love between the giants and the 49ers.
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it would be great if alex smith threw out the first pitch. >> that's a good one. >> yes. >> i'm just saying. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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